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Elite International Bank is an International Banking institution based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. The bank is regulated and Audited by the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico (OCIF), which is an integral member of the Association of Banking Supervision of the United States of America.  Elite Bank has an account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York following Federal laws and regulations relating to North American banking practices.

Elite International Bank was founded by a group of bankers, professionals, and entrepreneurs with extensive experience and expertise in finance and international banking. Its executive team is formed by seasoned US bankers with successful careers and ample experience in the banking industry.

The Bank’s main goal is to provide banking products and services to individuals and corporations in need of a financial institution capable and willingly to handle their international needs across the world.


The Bank’s mission is to become the premier International Bank in Puerto Rico providing financial products and services to individuals and corporations in order for them to achieve their personal and business goals.

Elite Bank is led by a professional and knowledgeable team that understands the international trade finance business based on a foundation built over prudent and sound banking practices.

Vision and Core Values

To be recognized as a premier financial institution operating internationally based on the pillars of integrity and honesty emphasizing the following core values:

  • Services: Committed to offer our customers all banking needs based on current and updated technology on all products and services.
  • Trust: Based on a culture of respect and transparency where ethic and hard work are not compromised.
  • Accountability: Committing ourselves to our corporate obligations and responsibilities.
  • Results: To be the bank that our customers need, our employees embrace and our shareholders feel proud of.


At Elite International Bank, we are committed to provide a world class customer support on all products offered, together with the best technological tools to make your banking experience the best it has ever been


Agustín GarcíaChairman of The Board
Carlos SouffrontDirector
Francisco MirallesDirector
Monica GarciaDirector


Agustín GarcíaChief Executive Officer
Sunny CasanovaExecutive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Elite International Bank is audited and regulated by the Officer of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions in Puerto Rico (OCIF), which is an integral member of the Association of Banking Supervision of the United States of America. We have a Master account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and follows all Federal laws and regulations relating to North American banking practices

Banking Services

Aware of the ongoing regulatory changes in our economies, political instability, and dynamic banking environment, Elite International Bank offers a variety of financial products specifically designed to fulfill the demands of individuals and corporations with financial needs in many countries


Optimize your savings approach with the help of a global team of professionals

  • Checking and Savings Accounts

  • Certificates of Deposits

  • Online Banking

  • Phone Banking

  • Remote Deposit Capture

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Our credit and Lending products are tailored for you and coordinate almost any type or scale of corporate flow.

  • Commercial Loans

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Trade Finance Loans

  • Asset based Lending

  • Factoring

  • Letters of Credit

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Maximize the return of your money with investments opportunities managed by professionals

  • Asset sales and participation
  • Security Investments through a third party provider (First quarter 2024)

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Customer Forms

Apply online for the openings of accounts with forms for individuals and corporate customers

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Elite Bank’s knowledge and understanding of the international business has significantly supported and strengthened our company’s trade operations with customers in Latin America and the US.

Winner Systems

Great Bank, good service.  Their staff and management is always willing to help its customers in any way they can.

Sandra Helen Mallot
I have nothing but praise for Elite International Bank and their people. Elite has made possible turning point deals to our company and I attribute that as their main core strength, they understand what a business needs from a bank, and they tend to those needs timely and professionally.
US Heavy Equipment
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